Saturday, April 28, 2007

I've moved

So I'm moving my blog to Wordpress.com.

I like it better than Blogger. See you over there!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Bradbury Building

As a big fan of all things old school Los Angeles, I've been wanting to do the LA Conservancy's self guided walking tour of downtown for some time, and yesterday I finally got it together.

While the whole tour is really great, and I highly recommend it to Angelenos and visitors alike, the Bradbury Building was far and away my favorite stop. You might recognize the building from Blade Runner, or any number of other things shot there, but seeing it in person is the only way to do it justice. It's open to the public so wander into 304 South Broadway and get a good look at this place - it's amazing.

While rather unassuming from the outside, once inside you'll discover a central courtyard with an entirely glass roof surrounded by iron railings and 2 open cage elevators.

And while you're downtown, stop and have lunch at the Grand Central Market:

I didn't have time to do more than walk through the market, but I know I'll be back!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Überorgan, Überorgan! I'm in love with the Überorgan!

I went to the Getty on Friday and saw said Überorgan, along with the rest of Tim Hawkinson's show. (The photo above was borrowed from the Getty website - I had trouble getting a good shot with so many people around.)

The Überorgan is a gigantic contraption made of plastic tubes with what looks like bladders and stomachs and giant horns covered with tin foil. And it plays music (for 5 minutes at the top of every hour) by reading the 'sheet music' seen here:

This alone was worth the visit!

And considering that the John Humble exhibit was *actually* my favorite thing of the day, now is a good time to get to the Getty. Humble takes amazing photos of Los Angeles, including a whole set that follows the LA River from the head to mouth. Here's a couple of his shots:

Humble's show is up until July 8th, Hawkinson's until September 9th. So don't dilly dally!

Of course we all know that the Getty museum itself is more interesting than their general collection (although I totally fell for this painting by Jan Brueghel the Elder of The Sermon on the Mount):

So here's my panorama taken from the gardens:

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Trailer

The trailer for Charlie Bartlett, the movie I worked on for the last 7 months, is up. Take a look at it here. We're all really proud of the movie so I hope you'll see it in August. And take your friends.

Spotted on the 10 While Stuck in Traffic

An unusual set of bumper stickers for a Ford F150...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Opening Day

On Monday I went to the opening day of the season at Dodger Stadium. Normally I'm not much interested in things 'All-American', but baseball does something to me. I find myself high-fiving my neighboring fans after a good play and tearing up during the 7th inning stretch as we all sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". I know it's out of character. But I have no shame. Baseball makes me happy.

On opening day they do such silly things as...

Have some dudes parachute onto the field:

Fly helicopters over (I didn't manage to get a shot of the fighter jet flyover):

And unfurl the largest frikin' flag you've ever seen:

And finally here's a panorama of Ed, Ben, Jason, and the entire stadium (click to bigify):

If you come to any games with me this season, this gives you a pretty good idea of the view from our seats.

Let's play ball!

Monday, April 9, 2007

"Flesh & Spirits"

The Gena Rowlands Band has a new album called "Flesh & Spirits" that comes out tomorrow and I highly suggest you buy it. You can get the actual CD here, or download the files on iTunes (as of tomorrow, I'd assume) And, of course, it can be found at a record store near you!

Ever since I first listened to GRB I've struggled to describe them accurately. They've got a Rufus Wainwright meets the Magnetic Fields sort of thing going on. But so much more. A sentence from the review of their first album on Pitchfork describes them best (and keeps me from having to do any actual work):

"The music could qualify as chamber pop if it had any pretense of wanting to be pop-- instead the violas, vibes, clarinets, and cellos drift along behind Massey's wine-stained baritone, forming a sort of stream-of-consciousness backdrop that drifts in and out of dissonance, occasionally dissolving to a minimalist wisp."

Now, this album has more of a pretense of wanting to be pop. But only a little bit. Anyhow, it's really frikin' great; all of GRB's stuff is the kind of music that gets better and better with each listen.

Here are a few of my favorite tracks from the album for your perusal. Listen, enjoy, repeat. And buy the CD. Bob needs a new pair of shoes!

The Joke I Play On Washington
God and the Way Women Walk

(Apple people: option click to download, PC people: right click to download.)

Monday, April 2, 2007


My good friend Ben made up a TV show called Drive. It starts airing Sunday, April 15th on Fox.

Set your Tivos, VCRs or DVRs. Or even stay home and watch. Just make sure you see it, and call all your friends with Neilsen boxes!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Chickens! As Murals!

There's an artist who goes by the name of Cache who paints these fantastic chicken murals all over Echo Park. According to his MySpace page they're not only in EP but all over town...

Here are some shots I took today of several of them; my favorite one is the last of the bunch:

Last but not least, Chickens in Love. Awwwwww:

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elvis Perkins

I went to see Elvis Perkins last night at The Echo with my friends Wess, Emily, & Bob.

(As a quick side note, I love that all my friends have websites I can link their names to - dunno why, but I get a kick out of it).

ANYHOW! What a show. This guy is Bob Dylan, The Waterboys, Neutral Milk Hotel and Elliott Smith all put in a blender and poured out as a milkshake of musical joy. With of course his own unique flavor as well.

If y'all aren't listening to this guy, go out and buy his album. It's called 'Ash Wednesday' and it rules. And catch him live next time he's in town, because he won't be playing venues the size of the Echo for long.

When he's playing with his band of awesome musicians he tours as "Elvis Perkins in Dearland". Which I think is great; it's as though he's entered into a different space when he's playing with them - he's IN Dearland. Dearland's a gifted and happy place, FYI. I'd do my best to make sure he's there when you see him.

Many thanks to Wess' fickr site for the photos!